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How does StainProtect work?

StainProtect™ works 2 ways.

1: it protects topically which you can see first hand from the video on our website. A generous amount of Red Wine is spilled onto a WHITE StainProtected Rug (pretty much everyone’s worst nightmare). The Red Wine beads for easy cleanup. This is a textbook example of topical protection. Depending on how tightly woven the fiber/fabric the spill may, or may not bead…but, because of the advanced technology of StainProtect™TM, you will be able to readily remove the stain, regardless

2. StainProtect™ has nanotechnology that allows the Protection to penetrate the fibers, surround the fibers, and fill the dye sites in the fabric (it is usually these gaps, or dye sites, that create permanent stains). As a result, if you do not notice a particular stain at the time it occurred, you could readily remove the stain days, or even weeks afterward.

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