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Why You Should ALWAYS Protect Your Fine Furnishings

Aug 10, 2022

Your household furnishings are one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime! If you have spent an appreciable amount of money on these items, they are not something you will discard in a few years…you want to have them looking pristine for as long as possible. Fabric Protection, and specifically, StainProtect™ is a MUST to achieve this goal. The difference between a protected furnishing, and an unprotected furnishing is quite significant.

Many household items can mar, and make your expensive furnishings look much more worn, and aged much sooner than you would expect! StainProtect™ works two ways to prevent this premature aging due to spills, and other types of stains.

Firstly, our Protection works topically to cause the spill to bead on the fabric for quick, and easy removal. Secondly, our Protection penetrates the fabric into the dye sites to prevent permanent stains. As a result, even if a spill, or other type of potential stain occurs that you are not aware of at the time, the advanced formulation of StainProtect™ will usually result in the stain being easily removed. The nanotechnology of our product allows the homeowner the peace of mind knowing that even if a mishap has unknowingly occurred, it can be easily removed…extremely important if you have small children, or pets.

Don’t take ANY chances with your expensive fine furnishings, call 647.779.7755 for your NO OBLIGATION quote today!

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Beaded Spill on Fabric

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