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Should one apply the protection themselves, or should it be done professionally?

There are NO professional quality protections that you can buy from a retail source. Many people remember the brand Scotchgard, and make the mistake of purchasing this product from their local Canadian Tire, Home Depot, or Lowes. As of 2002, Scotchgard is nothing but a Water Repellent (please read our article on our website regarding Scotchgard). If you look at the canister that contains Scotchgard you’ll see under the Scotchgard name in big white letters Water Repellent…then in very small black letters, and stain protector. This is because the PRIMARY usage now of Scotchgard is a water repellent – you do get some protective qualities, but they are minimal. StainProtect™ is a Professional grade full spectrum stain protection that protects against 99%+ of possible household stains.

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