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Pet Accidents

Jun 29, 2020

If you own a pet, accidents are inevitable. When a stain is cleaned up, residue, and damage to the rug’s colour, and fibers can remain – this often becomes a health concern. Bacteria, moulds, and fungi thrive in pet accidents.

Over time, you’ll begin to detect a foul odour, and a corresponding bacterial colony ensues which is both unhealthy, and disgusting! Pet urine is initially deposited in an acid state. As the urine dries, it becomes increasingly alkaline. This PH shift often loosens the dye bonds in rug fibers. It’s these repeated pet urine deposits which are the primary cause of mould, often creating dry rot. The dry rot leads to weakened fibers which break, wreaking havoc on your beautiful rug.

While it’s highly unlikely we will ever be able to prevent these pet accidents from happening, we can be proactive by protecting your rug, or upholstery fibers. StainProtect helps keep the urine on the surface of the fabric for a much easier removal. With less penetration of the fibers, the bacterial colony is limited in its food supply causing the colony to dissipate, and eventually disappear.

Protect your investment in rugs and other furnishings by keeping them looking great, and long-lasting with StainProtect!