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Do It Yourself May Cost You In The Long Run

Apr 18, 2022

When considering Fabric Protection for your fine furnishings you might be tempted to “Do It Yourself.” While there are many jobs that are often more convenient and sometimes less expensive to do yourself, please consider the following before you spray your furniture and family heirloom rugs with an over-the-counter product.

Which Product Should I Use?

When choosing over-the-counter protector it is not often clear which products are safe to use in your home or on your furnishings. Our products have been tested and proven to provide effective protection for your family, furniture, and area rugs.

Improper Application

When you apply protector from the store using a spray can it is often difficult to know if you have achieved a proper, even application. Unless you have years of experience, you may end up with an uneven application and ‘bare’ unprotected areas on your furniture. Trust us, the dirt and soils will ‘find’ those bare zones.

Simply Not As Effective

Over the counter stain protectors are not as strong and effective as our protection in preventing stains. Don’t settle when it comes to protecting the beauty and longevity of your items.

Beware the ‘Halo’ Effect

Did you know that some stain removal kits can actually take the colour out of your furnishings, leaving a visible ‘halo’ where the stain once was. Our FREE Stain Kit that we provide with every job, is proven safe for Water and Oil Based stains. We provide our Stain Remover kit to assist our clients in between professional cleanings.

Please take a few minutes to read our reviews and find out why we have been voted Best Of by HomeStars three years running, then call our Stain Protection expert, Paul Lucas, for an honest talk about whether Do It Yourself is right for you.

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