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If anyone is questioning whether stain protection is worth the cost, this story will convince you it’s worth every penny! We stain protected our brand new (very expensive) New Zealand wool rug, along with many other pieces of furniture. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with Paul during the service and he offered many helpful tips and a stain removal kit. Not too long after, my daughter vomited all over the rug! It was so bad I had serious doubts the stain could be removed. I referred to Paul’s stain removal tips and used the stain removal kit. To my complete surprise it all came out, not a sign of a stain anywhere! If you are investing in expensive furniture, do yourself a favour and invest in proper stain protection products and services. You won’t regret it! Paul’s product is the best and he is a pleasure to have in your home. Plus, he is only a phone call or text away if you need professional stain removal advice.